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KENIC announced the launch of .ke second level domain in October 2017. It went through all the process of Grandfathering phase, trademark protection, and landrush auction of premium names. The second level enables you to register a domain like,,, or

.ke second level domains with

The KENIC second level .ke domain auction has been ongoing for the better part of December 2017 and will end on 31st December 2017.

The auction that has been on saw the domain having a bid of about one billion Kenya shilling (Kes 1B), which is about ten million dollars ($10m). It is likely that the Sports apparel giant company Nike is interested with the domain, and there are other domainers who had been looking at owning the domain. It will be interesting to see who will be the final winner of

There have been other interesting domain names which have generated a lot of interest like Kes 2m, Kes 2m, Kes 2m, Kes 1.9m, Kes 1.5m, Kes Kes 1.4m, Kes 1.27m, Kes 1.26m,

If you still need to snap a second level .ke domain before the auction ends, login to The minimum auction bid is Kes9,000 ($90).

If you already own a domain like and you need to get the equivalent, you can do so through the grandfathering phase which will end on 21st December 2017. Send us the request through email on domains[at] The cost is Kes10,000 ($100)

Otherwise we look forward to you registerng your favourite .ke domain with, which is your reliable domain and web hosting partner in Kenya. The cost of a second level .ke domain through will be Kes6,000 ($60).

The general availability of .ke domain, where anybody can register a .ke domain will be 16th January 2018.

We wish you a prosperious new year 2018

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