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Configuring Gmail as your email client You CAN use your Gmail account to also handle your domain email account properly, and literally... How to Log into cPanel cPanel is a web hosting account management tool available with your web hosting package. You... How to Log into Webmail   Webmail is a feature that enables you to login to your email from your web browser... How to use Spam Assassin to fight spam email SpamAssassin is an anti-spam tool which helps filter out unwanted messages. SpamAssassin works... I am getting Spoof emails. How do I prevent them? What is Email Spoofing? Email spoofing is when the email header's "From:" line is modified to... Python Modules Python Modules These Python 2.7 modules are currently installed on all Linux servers. Any... Removing files and folders from home directory in cPanel Removing Folders from the Home Directory For web developers and administrators, the relocation... Step by Step for creating an account, and registering a domain HOW TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT.STEP 1. Open 2. Click Register on the right... terms of service All our customers abide to agree to the Terms and Conditions of Service as described here.1.... Video: How to register a domain, and get your reseller commission Video: How to register to be a reseller What can I do with a domain? Domains are useful for business and personal use, for hosting your own website, online shop and... What is a domain, why do I need one? This is a part of a website address that you enter into a web browser (e.g.... What is web hosting? Web hosting, also called howsting, or website hosting is the activity or business of providing... Who is a Registrar? A Registrar is an organization licensed by ICANN or a registry to provide domain registration... Who is a Reseller? A Reseller is an individual who registers domains on behalf of a registrar. .KE Reseller program...
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