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Host your emails on your domain at or

Purchase your company domain name and hosting - Step1

To have your custom email accounts for yourself or your company like or, you have to purchase a hosting account, and a domain name. Get your hosting here for only Ksh1990. You will need to purchase a domain name like or to accompany the hosting.

How to create Emails Accounts from Cpanel.

You have to create your email accounts from inside cpanel. This tutorial will show you how to create email accounts from cpanel.

Webmail login. 

Once you have your email accounts created, you can login from any web browser on a computer or on a phone using webmail. This tutorial shows you how to login to webmail. 

Configure your desired email clients.

You may access an email account on your server directly through the email application on your phone or on your computer. You can access the email accounts you have created on your phone using the following devices:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry

There is also a variety of applications for accessing your email from your personal computer. We recommend Thunderbird, a free client that is available for all operating systems. 

If you already have a preferred email client and you just need the settings to access it using your current email application, the article below will provide settings for specific applications other than Thunderbird:

Receive and send Emails from Gmail.

You can setup Gmail as your email client and receive and send your company emails from inside Gmail. This tutotial shows you how to send and receive your company emails from gmail.


Why is having your Branded Email For Your Business Important?

1. It makes you look more professional.

This is the most important reason on the list. If you want people to take your business seriously, one of the most important things you can do is create a quality business website and have an email address to match. It shows people that you’re not just someone dabbling; you take what you do seriously. In a world full of scammers, knowing you have a legit website and email address sets you apart and lets potential customers know you’re trustworthy.  

2. It makes it clear who the email is coming from.

If your email address in no way resembles your business name, people will have a hard time connecting the two. The biggest reason why people decide to open and read emails they receive is who the sender is.

Your recipients are more likely to write you off as a stranger and ignore your email if they don’t know to associate the unfamiliar email address with the business they have a relationship with.

3. It lets people know where to find your business website.

As an added bonus, if someone who receives your email is interested in learning more about your business, they can see the domain name embedded within the email itself. It’s easy to figure out where to go to get more information on what you sell and make a purchase, if they’re so inclined

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